Master mariner or formidable fisherman? Aye aye, captain – both!

In 1997, after having voyaged across all the oceans and seas of the world, The Marin Vendéen chose to hang up his diving suit in Aizenay. He came with numerous ideas for seafood recipes in his nets, each more delicious than the last.

Supported by a “crew” who don’t shy away from ideas that go against the current, The Marin Vendéen is firmly at the helm when it comes to constantly proposing innovative new culinary recipes!

Mais où va-t-il pêcher toutes ses idées ?

This true traveller of the seas sets up his nets where the fish is best to formulate original recipes that will have a fair few hooked!

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The ranges

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Our commitment

Our commitment

The fisherman who takes after the sea!!

A culinary artist who knows no bounds, The Marin Vendéen is above all a meticulous artisan whose products are all exclusively “handmade” to preserve all the qualities of a fragile raw material: fish.

Big-game fishing doesn’t mean you can’t be slim!

Healthy food can be delicious too! Prepared in our workshops, The Marin Vendéen ranges respect the full richness of our ingredients to create healthy and delicious finished products.

Nothing gets past a true master mariner: the Marin Vendéen guarantees the origin and traceability of all its raw materials: from fish to shellfish and right up to the spices used.

And when it comes to quality, he also knows how to stay firmly on course! The company’s Quality Control department maintains irreproachable hygiene, ensuring cold chains are completely respected and the HACCP approach implemented.

Contact the sailor !

Contact the sailor !

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