Time to refresh your ideas!

With this classic range, The Marin Vendéen will show you the ropes in terms of flavours. And from the “rosettes”, an exclusive product with a secret recipe, to the “imperial stuffed roast”, this delicious collection has many tasty gourmet ports of call in store for you.

  • Caul-fat fish parcels
  • Fish paupiettes
  • Medallions: of salmon, fish, and scallops
  • Grill platters
  • White pudding: of salmon, fish and scallops
  • Plain and marinated artisan skewers (Swordfish, Marlin, Germon Tuna, Burbot, Scallops, Sardines… Marinades from Provence spices or lemon-flavoured)
  • Artisan natural skewers (delicious assembly of salmon, burbot and scallops)
  • Classic skewers (salmon, ling and coley)
  • Fish sausages and merguez
  • Special stone-grill platter
  • Salmon tartare
  • Carpaccio of salmon
  • Stuffed fish roasts
  • Imperial stuffed roast (salmon and scallops) is a Marin Vendéen patent pending
  • Rosettes: an exclusive Marin Vendéen product (a best-seller)

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