Surf the waves of gourmet delight!

When the sun shines and out come the barbeques and grills, the Marin Vendéen is never left stranded when it comes to ideas… Barbecue lovers will be in their element thanks to a summer range of products as original as they are succulent

For his skewers Le Marin Vendéen selects best fish. He naturally has a very detailed attention to the choice of green peppers, lemons and tomatos cherry to associate them

  • Caul-fat fish parcels
  • Fish paupiettes
  • Medallions: of salmon, fish, and scallops
  • Grill platters
  • White pudding: of salmon, fish and scallops
  • Plain and marinated artisan skewers (Swordfish, Marlin, Germon Tuna, Burbot, Scallops, Sardines… Marinades from Provence spices or lemon-flavoured)
  • Artisan natural skewers (delicious assembly of salmon, burbot and scallops)
  • Classic skewers (salmon, ling and coley)
  • Fish sausages and merguez
  • Special stone-grill platter
  • Salmon tartare
  • Carpaccio of salmon
  • Stuffed fish roasts
  • Imperial stuffed roast (salmon and scallops) is a Marin Vendéen patent pending
  • Rosettes: an exclusive Marin Vendéen product (a best-seller)

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